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Initiated musical studies in 1986 in the UNT (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán) Music School later continued studies in the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (EMPA) with specialization in,Tango and Argentine Folk Music. In Buenos Aires Carla studied with J. C. Cuacci, Alejandro Martino, Julian Peralta among others .


From 2011 Carla relocated to the USA where she worked in several music projects including Folk American, Metal, and Middle Eastern music. From 2013 director, band leader and arranger of “Yuyo Verde TANGO BAND"  Chicago tango based ensemble.


Carla performed in the Old Town Popular Music school as well as several venues as Milongas (traditional tango parties-meetings), theaters, restaurants, cultural centers, community centers, and music fests, Deley Plaza etc.


In 2015 thought in Chicago , together with the Argentine guitarist Eduardo Fonseca, the seminar “'TANGO NO MORE MYSTERY’ oriented to lecture tango’s fundamental theory. In 2015 creates the cultural center 'PATIO DE LA MOROCHA" an open space oriented to broadcast growing artist and music talents from Chicago and promote the exchange between musicians from several backgrounds.

During 2016 and 2017 toured through several cities in Argentina with the tango group “de Queruza tango Club” (Argentine band lead by Eduardo Fonseca) and “Musa Maleva tango ensemble” directed by C.Campopiano.


In 2016 Carla created  the spectacle Borges-Piazzolla and El TANGO from the work by Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Luis Borges(1965) A multimedia performance including musicians, dancers and actors from Argentina, USA, and Italy with the Argentine singer and composer Damian Rivero, Argentine singer and actress Alba Guerra, Aaron Johnson pianist and composer, and Mexican composer and set drum player Gustavo Cortiñas Fouilloux, currently integrates “Carla Campopiano trio”a touring  musical project that includes musicians all over the world in their performances and recordings aiming to build bridges between cultures.

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