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The novelties in this compilation result from a rupture with expectations. Approaching music with a lens that dissociates the different elements of universal music, we seek to bring them together in a fresh new way that resonates with our path and current perspective.

In Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections Vol. 2, compositions by multiple celebrated Latin American composers are rearranged and approached through the worlds of jazz and improvisation. This is the result of an internal journey striving to expand our sound palette and expressiveness.

This project is the culmination of the teamwork carried out with my great friend Gustavo Cortiñas who has not only collaborated in the arrangements and the aesthetic vision but also thanks to his drive and support we have crossed the stormy seas of making unconventional music. We have the privilege of featuring the talent and joy of many extremely talented musicians with whom we share, not only music and friendship, but also perspectives, beliefs, and dreams. Such is the case of our beloved Alba Guerra, who passed away after the making of this record. Dear Alba, your passion for life, music, acting, family, friends, cooking, sharing, arguing, exploring and loving will forever be an example. This Album is dedicated to you.

We are extremely thankful for the collaboration of all the amazing friends and colleagues who made this work possible! You continue to be crucial to this process and have welcomed us with open arms in the good and the bad times. Thank you Paco le Funk, Eduardo Fonseca, Horacio Martinez, Pablo Garce, Jesus Antache Palacios, Alicia Oloroso Hempfling, Juan Ambiela, Zhenya Nemirovsky, Rafi Bratman, Esperanza Gama, Julian Avar, Leo Deza and a very special thanks to my teachers Greg Blackburn and Claudio Aristimuño.

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